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Welcome to your Personal Training Experience .

It’s your time, your plan, your space, your personal trainer – all here to help you achieve awesomeness. Training together with 2-3 like-minded people, you can share the fun and motivation – at an affordable price.


Get in Great Shape

“You look so fit! What have you been doing?” – our clients heard it hundreds of times from friends and family. We support your goals with dedicated training and daily nutrition coaching. We regularly organise challenges to make the process fun and rewarding.

Get Strong / Get Fit

Ready to achieve that first pull-up? Or keen to build some lean muscle? Or just want to be able to run around and play with the grandchildren? We are here to make you stronger. Because “everything is easier when you are strong”. 

Prepare for an Event

A 100-mile cycle race? A long walking trip, Spartan Race or a charity challenge? We love challenges and have prepared many of our members to all of the above. And we are happy to help you next. (Also: join us on Tough Mudder!)

Recover from Injury

Stay in the game! An injury can halt your progress, even trow you backwards. Our specific tools and systems used by Olympic athletes help you keep your strength and muscle mass when recovering from an injury – and even accelerate healing!


The fastest way to achieve your fitness goals is to follow a plan that is designed for you with your goals, needs and ability levels in mind. A personal trainer’s guidance ensures you stay motivated and do the exercises right. All this shared with a couple of fun, like-minded people creates the prefect environment for you to become the best version of yourself.

Feel Awesome – not just in the gym! What you do outside of the gym is also organic part of your health and fitness – whether you want to lose weight, tone up or get stronger. 

We are here to help you outside of your gym hours – with a personalized Nutrition Program, help you learn how your body and mind works, practice healthy habits and receive outstanding support every day.

Kaatsu training

Our unique system allows you to stay strong even while recovering from an injury. Stay in the game: Re-build lost muscle mass and speed up recovery.

What is unique about StrengthLab?

It’s your time, your plan, your studio, you​r personal trainer – all here to help you achieve awesomeness.

On shared personal training sessions you will be training together with 2-3 like-minded people so you can share the fun and motivation – at an affordable price.

This means you can get the most out of your strength and fitness training without breaking the bank!

Find out more at out private gym for personal training Bristol.

Discover how we can help you get stronger, fitter and healthier! Book your intro session to our shared personal training today.

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